Boys Nation

The Boys Nation scenes often get kicked off with some kind of basic scenario like horny hikers stumbling upon each other in the woods or two fellow video gamers who put down the Xbox controllers long enough to suck each other’s dick. The performers are a mix of American and European performers, mostly Czechoslovakian guys. With the Euro focus, there’s not really a lot of variation in terms of race, but you will see some guys in their 20s and 30s, some twinks, some average looking guys, and some muscle studs.

The majority of the action here is one-on-one, but a small handful are also threesomes and groups, and there’s also some solo masturbation. They don’t get terribly creative when it comes to the settings for this Euro-style sucking and fucking, but they do mix it up a little bit with some outdoor scenes now and then.

It looks like some of the materials here might be exclusive, while other updates seem to be scenes taken from various DVD titles. A scene description provides a preview for each update, and information about each scene, including the models it features and when it was added to the site, is provided.

With over 270 videos and nearly 300 photo set updates, there’s already a respectably sized collection built up here, and it’s easy to jump right in and start watching, secure in the knowledge that new materials are being added regularly once a week. There can be some variation in the exact specs on the materials here, but most of the newest releases are being offered at a minimum of 960 x 540 pixels, 2200 kbps.

Beyond a basic keyword search box, the members area here isn’t terribly advanced in terms of search and navigation features, but they do offer some helpful tools and options of other kinds. Scenes can be saved for later viewing, and both downloadable and streaming versions of each flick are available. ZIP files are offered for savings. Does that, and getting around the site is pretty simple overall.

Boys Nation is a solid site with regular updates, and easy-to-use members’ area, and good variety of action within the general Euro and Americans theme. They don’t exactly break the mold, but you can easily preview just about everything available on the site via its extremely honest and transparent tour pages, and you’ll be able to tell right away if this is the collection for you.

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