Papi features hardcore action in public places like bars and in group settings like parties. These guys like to have a few drinks, do some dancing, get sweaty, and fuck! Sometimes, the guys break off from the main party in groups of three or more, and sometimes they just get right down to business in front of everybody. There are large orgy scenes where multiple guys are seen sucking and fucking at the same time, and chains of guys fucking each other seem to spontaneously appear as the other men at the party get in on the fun.

There are 42 video/photo combo episodes available here, and nothing new has been added since sometime in 2008. Boys First Time, a bonus site that is included with membership, offers nearly 600 updates starring first-timers who have never been with another man before, and this site updates weekly. There’s also a streaming DVD section with over 7700 scenes from over 1300 different DVD titles from dozens of different studios. The bonus materials really do go a long way, but it would definitely be preferable to see some sign of life from Papi.

The quality level here is about in line with what I would expect from materials that were last updated in 2008, and unfortunately, that means that it’s below average when compared to new release materials these days. Nonetheless, these are professionally shot scenes that look pretty nice at a size of up to 1068 x 600 pixels for the flash streaming versions or 640 x 480 pixels, 1500 kbps for the downloadable versions. Since they take place on location rather than in porn studios, they don’t really have the benefit of professional lighting and the other accessories that go into making a porn shoot look perfect. These are pretty much in line with what I would expect from scenes that are often filmed at parties or in bars.

The members’ area has a clean design and is simple to use. There aren’t really any search tools, but the site can get by without them considering the size. The seams are offered in a tab interface that allows easy access to a preview video, pictures, screen captures, the streaming version of the flick, and options to download the movie in full-length WMV or MP4 format, or even in clips. You can also add scenes to your favorites list.

Although the relative small size of the site combined with lack of updates are downers, there is quite a bit of bonus material to check out here, and the scenes that are available are fun and sexy, even if they aren’t exactly available at HD quality level. This is really one to consider based on the overall package you get with membership, including bonuses, rather than a site that can stand on its own merits at this point.

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