French Dudes

Many of the French Dudes scene get kicked off with a very basic plot to get things going. You’ll see amateur mechanics getting distracted from their work by nosy neighbors who want to suck their dick, sweaty soccer players letting off some steam after a big game, date that turned hardcore in the backseat of a car, campers who get frisky in the middle of the night, swingers hooking up that cruising spots, and strangers getting and giving head in the bathroom. Other times, there’s really no storyline at all and a couple of guys just start talking out of nowhere.

Sometimes things get a bit kinkier or rougher. Some of the scenes feature simulated forced sex while others feature things like foot fetishes involving dirty socks and shoes. I even saw some scenes that involve fisting. You know what they say about franchise being kinky!

The guys here are all white, as you might expect on a French themed collection, but there is a decent amount of variety among them with guys ranging from skinny to athletic to well muscled. Sometimes they where you work uniforms or sports gear. Some of these guys have the clean cut jock look while others look more like skaters or punks. There are guys in their 20s and 30s and even a few in their 40s.

This is essentially a video only site, although these scenes do come with a set of matching screen capture images taken from the flick. The site is updated regularly an impressive two times each week and already offers over 575 videos. The flicks here are only offered for streaming, and I was unable to find any way to download them at all. The videos buffer quickly and play smoothly at a standard definition of 940 x 530 pixels. You should have no problem viewing these streaming flicks on your computer or on a mobile device such as an iPhone or Android.

The members area has a very clean and modern look and a keyword search box to help you get around. You can rate seems, browse top-rated models, or check out the most popular videos on the site. You can check out various categories for things like cock size, sex acts, and different kinds of clothing, so finding something specific is pretty easy.

French Dudes has been around for almost exactly 2 years now, and I have to say that they have definitely established themselves as a must see site for fans of French guys and European men in general. They are on point in virtually every way I can think of, and my only real wish would be for downloadable videos.

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